event_note Landlord and Tenant

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 governs the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants of premises which are occupied for business purposes. The Act sets out strict procedures which need to be followed, and makes provision for service of formal notices to exercise rights conferred by the Act. These rights and obligations effect the value of your lease and can impair how a business is operated. The lease terms will also govern what action can and should be taken when notices are served to protect parties to the agreement.

It is essential to take specialist advice, both legal and surveying, before entering an agreement, or prior to a disposal of your interest. Our experienced team of commercial property consultants are on hand to help and protect you in all areas of commercial property including :-

  • Rent Review- for private and corporate clients
  • Lease Renewals- at the end of a lease there will be a rent review and certain notices need to be given by prescribed times
  • Property Management- inspections for landlords and tenants to raise issues such as repair, insurance, lease compliance during term of lease
  • Dilapidation Claims